The secret of Nakamura Tokichi Shijo store

The secret of Nakamura Tokichi Shijo store

Hello everyone,

I'm Keko, an online staff member.
Today, I'd like to share the secrets of our "Nakamura Tokichi Shijo Store," which opened last year.

The Secrets of Nakamura Tokichi Shijo Store:♪



the walls and tables in the store.

The strikingly white, rounded walls catch your eye.
The tables used in the store make you doubt your sense of balance.


All of these are coated with plaster.
This is a culture we want to preserve, created with dedication by craftsmen using Japan's unique construction methods.
Beautiful curves painted and finished by the skilled hands of craftsmen.
The touch is smooth, and when you touch it, you feel a pleasant coolness against your skin.

Placing the café menu on the plaster table enhances the products, as the natural warm highlights complement them beautifully.

Looking around the entire store, you'll notice its overwhelming presence.
It's a fusion of new design and Japanese culture, almost like a different space.




Next is the chair you sit on in the café.
This is the "Ariake Chair."



The name says it all: "ARIAKE." It's a Japanese furniture brand born in Morotomi-cho, Saga Prefecture, known as the town of furniture craftsmen.




Classic yet modern in form,
the design blends into the interior of the store with a wood-based design.
It doesn't make you feel tired even after sitting for a long time. 


Please take a look when you visit.



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