The secret of the main store's tatami room

The secret of the main store's tatami room

Hello. This is Midopa, an online staff member.

This time we will introduce you to the secret of the main store's tatami room.


The secret of the main store's tatami room


In Uji, where the Byodoin Phoenix Hall is located, there are paulownia leaves, which are said to be the trees on which phoenixes perch.

A phoenix is ​​often depicted.


In the tatami room of the main store, flying images are also depicted on the sliding doors and shoji paper.


There is actually a golden phoenix flying among them.



Only guests of the tatami room experience can view it.

Did you find where you are? ☺️



Please make a reservation for the ``ground tea and tea ceremony experience'' at our main store and take a closer look.



You can also ask the staff for the tea ceremony experience.

We will be glad to provide you with plenty of information.


[About ground tea and tea ceremony experience]
This is an experience limited to the main store and is held on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
*Advance reservations are required. Please make a reservation from the homepage.
*We do not accept reservations over the phone.
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