Things associated with the winter solstice

Things associated with the winter solstice

It is the day of the year when the daylight hours are the shortest and the nights are the longest.
→I have always had the image of a very cold day.

What is associated with the winter solstice?
After all, isn't it pumpkin and yuzu?

Eat nutritious pumpkin to survive the harsh winter! It seems that there is a meaning to it,
When I was a kid, I had to eat at least one thing... I had a stronger sense of duty, but
When you grow up, you'll love pumpkin taitan. (Simmered pumpkin) was delicious and delicious.

I always get some yuzu from my relative's garden and put some in the bathtub.
As a lucky charm for good health and fortune, soaking in a refreshingly scented bathtub is a wintertime pleasure.
Remembering the feeling of touching a yuzu and feeling so much juice come out that it made the wound sting. After relaxing in the bath, make sure to stay hydrated.

What do I always drink after taking a bath?
Chilled Nichinichi Mugicha in the refrigerator😊
I put my hands on my hips and trembled.

After taking a bath, we recommend drinking barley tea chilled in the refrigerator.

How are you spending the winter solstice?

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