thinking like every day

thinking like every day

In our manufacturing department,

We call our “commodities” “products” because they are the ones we manufacture.



because we made it ourselves

Of course, we are well aware of the quality of our products.


because we made it ourselves

I am sadly also familiar with where it is not.



Every single day.


We make it so that it can be delivered to the customer.



“If you do this a little more, it will taste better.


“If we do this a little more, we can make many customers happy, but we can’t make a lot of them.”


"If you do this a little more..."


From the standpoint of each creator, we think like every day.



It's not like I'm worried and staying in the same place.

try changing the ingredients,

Try changing the cooking temperature,

Try changing the mixing time depending on the season.


Believe in the possibilities that lie ahead

While "going back and forth "

Cherish each little talent


Every day, I am "kneading " a cute child.



Take our child,

When I receive a compliment, my cheeks are loose.



Think like every day while making.


Creator's "privilege " .


It's irresistibly interesting. Can not stop!




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