What kind of tea goes well with Sakuramochi?

What kind of tea goes well with Sakuramochi?

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This is Keko, an online staff member.

In Japan, a Japanese confectionery called "sakura mochi" comes to mind as something to enjoy in the spring.
Sakuramochi is a variety of wagashi, or Japanese confectionery, covered with a leaf of sakura (Japanese flowering cherry).
Sakuramochi can be eaten with or without the sakura leaf.
Sakura mochi" varies in appearance and texture depending on the region of Japan.

Domyoji Mochi and Chomeiji Mochi.
There are two types of sakuramochi: Edo-fu (Tokyo style) and Kamigata-fu (Kansai style), each of which are made differently.

Sakura mochi, eaten mainly in the Kansai region, is made with domyoji flour.A skin made from domyojiko consisting of glutinous rice which has been steamed, dried then coarsely ground is wrapped around red bean paste like daifuku mochi.
These cherry blossom cakes are chunky and grainy.

On the other hand, Chomeiji mochi, which is eaten in the Kanto region, is a crepe-like filling filled with red bean paste.
This sakura mochi, which is rare in the Kansai region, is called Kanto style sakura mochi.

The leaves of Oshima-zakura are used to produce the edible sakuraba that is used to wrap sakura-mochi.

The texture and the impression of eating them are completely different.
Both have a wonderful aroma of cherry blossoms, moderate saltiness, and the gentle sweetness of the bean paste.

This time, I, Keko, have verified which tea goes best with sakura mochi, based on my own prejudice.

Sencha tea
Take a sip of hot sencha tea and savor the sakura mochi. The fragrance stands out, and the bitterness of the tea quickly tightens the sweetness, creating a perfect balance.
Hojicha is a versatile drink that goes well with both sweet and savory dishes. It also seems to go well with red bean paste.
Mellow and full of umami, gyokuro and salty sakura mochi leaves are a curious match.... Whether it was umami or saltiness, I felt the flavor of the tea spreading in my mouth.

Keko chose ⑴Sencha🍵.
It can be combined with other teas, but the bitterness of sencha matches best with the aroma and sweetness of sakura mochi.