What kind of year is 2024?

What kind of year is 2024?

Happy New Year to all of you.
Thank you for your continued patronage of Nakamura Fujikichi Main Store this year.

What kind of year was last year for you all?
January 2023 was the beginning of a big change for Keko.

to start something new.
Sometimes things just don't go the way they used to.
Based on my common sense up until now, what I have established as a routine doesn't work at all.

A world filled with new things you want to do.
In a world full of things I want to do, there are many things I can do.
A world that I can't keep up with at the speed I've been moving at.

As the new tea season approaches, I feel like I'm drowning.
I was excited, but surprisingly, before I knew it, summer was over 😢

I was aiming for 100% from the beginning.
It doesn't mean things will go 100% right from the beginning,
Increase the percentage little by little.

It's never too late even if you decide it's now.
2023 will be a year of moving forward, looking back from time to time, and moving forward again.
It was amazing how quickly it passed.

What kind of year will 2024 be?
Thinking carefully about what kind of year you want to have
Keko enjoyed white miso zoni.
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