Nakamura Tokichi Shijo store exhibition was held

Nakamura Tokichi Shijo store exhibition was held


Hello everyone.

This is Midopa, an online staff member.


On October 13th and 14th, 2023

A preview of Kyoto Takashimaya SC [T8], where Nakamura Fujikichi Shijo store opened, was held!


This is a valuable opportunity to meet all of our loyal customers.

Our staff is also excited.


This time, we would like to thank online members who have registered for our e-mail newsletter.

We would like to thank everyone who applied on SNS and won a lottery.

Thank you for inviting me.



New menus and products introduced


Shijo store offers new ways to enjoy tea✨

I would like to introduce two of them 😊



“Shijo store limited biscan [red]”

In addition to three types of Japanese tea cookies infused with tea (Matcha, Hojicha, Nakamuracha)

Rose meringue named after Takashimaya in Kyoto, matcha meringue,
Pecan nuts covered in matcha chocolate ``Ochanotane'' are placed in a red can 🌹


This is a special "biscan" that can only be obtained at the Shijo store.



"Hikarino Anmitsu"


``Hikarino Anmitsu'' made with the image of a traditional Honzu tea plantation

The beauty of the interior of the tea garden, where the light shines down and the tea leaves shine,

Expressed with tencha agar and hand-picked matcha filling.


To experience the taste of tea as it is,

First of all, Try tasting tencha agar and matcha bean paste as they are 😊🌱



The limited menu will be published on this blog at a later date.

Please come visit us at the grand opening on the 17th.


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