Where you want, how you want🌱

Where you want, how you want🌱

Hello everyone,

I'm Keko from the online staff.

Here's how to enjoy the season of new tea.

In our main store and cafe, we're introducing sweets made with the refreshing taste of the season, the Shincha Jelly.

Main Store:
🌱Shincha Jelly🌱
Served chilled in bamboo, exclusively available at the main store. It's like savoring the essence of new tea, with its aroma and pleasant bitterness, perfectly complemented by refreshing milk ice cream. Don't miss out on the original sencha sweet red bean paste.

🌱 Shincha Parfait🌱
Featuring the Maruto mark drawn with new tea powder. Inside the large bamboo, you'll find various flavors like yuzu sherbet and Shincha Jelly, offering a delightful experience with each spoonful.

Kyoto Station Store & Ginza Store:

🌱Shincha Jelly🌱

※The image is the menu of Ginza store.

🌱Shincha Parfait🌱
Enjoy the unique taste of this year's new tea, made with the freshest ingredients. With yuzu sherbet, original sencha sweet red bean paste, and Shincha Jelly, it brings out the youthful and refreshing aroma of new tea.

Shijo Store:
🌱Shincha Jelly🌱
Indulge in the aroma and pleasant bitterness of Shincha Jelly, reminiscent of savoring new tea itself.

Where you want, how you want🌱

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