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Maruto Bake Hojicha[Japanese chestnut ](financier)

Maruto Bake Hojicha[Japanese chestnut ](financier)

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A fall/winter limited item, a maruto bake containing fluffy astringent chestnuts.
It has a rich flavor of butter and almond powder, and brings out the mellow flavor of hojicha, and is baked moistly.

Internal capacity 1 piece
expiration date
19 days including shipping date
allergy Eggs, milk, wheat, almonds
Sales period End as soon as sold out.
Candied chestnuts with astringent skin (manufactured in Japan) (chestnuts, sugar), sugar, butter, egg whites, flour, almond powder, invert sugar, hojicha/vitamin C, (some milk ingredients, eggs, wheat, etc.) (contains almonds)
Nutrition Facts
Per 1 piece: Calories/159kcal, Protein/2.1g, Fat/8.0g, Carbohydrates/19.5g, Salt equivalent/0.04g
Preservation method
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store below 25℃.

Size Bag/Length 15.0 x Width 7.5 x Height 2.5 (cm)

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