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Matcha Uji-no-mukashi Can 30g

Matcha Uji-no-mukashi Can 30g

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There are two ways to make and knead matcha, light and strong, and you can enjoy the charm of matcha in a different way. “Uji-no-mukashi” is recommended for dark tea.

The taste is accompanied by elegance, with no corners, and a harmony of bitter and sweet tastes that is not unpleasant.

Internal capacity

80g can

expiry date Four months
allergy none
Green tea(Japan)
Nutrition Facts
Per box (30g): calories/97kcal, protein/9.2g, fat/1.6g, carbohydrates/11.6g, salt equivalent/0.005g
Preservation method
Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and be careful of scents.

Box/length 5.5 x width 5.5 x height 7.5 (cm)
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