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Ugashi[Matcha](dried candies)

Ugashi[Matcha](dried candies)

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"Usagi-gashi" is a sweet made with Wasanbon sugar and plenty of matcha. It is said to have a connection with Uji, and is in the shape of a cute rabbit that melts gently in your mouth.
It has a gentle sweetness and is perfect for tea.

Internal capacity 18 pieces
expiry date 90 days
allergy none
Wasanbon sugar (manufactured in Japan), powdered sugar, starch, glucose, matcha
Nutrition Facts
Rabbit sweets: Per box: Calories/193kcal, protein/0.9g, fat/0.2g, carbohydrates/46.9g, salt equivalent/0g
Preservation method
Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

Length 20.5 x Width 10.5 x Height 2 (cm)

*This product is in a state where it is wrapped as shown in the photo, so when using Noshi, it can only be handled with "Soto noshi". Thank you for your understanding.
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